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Resources & Education

Welcome to our Beauceron education and resources page! The Beauceron is a unique and highly intelligent breed, originally bred for herding and guarding livestock in France. Today, they are popular companions and working dogs, known for their loyalty, courage, and versatility.

On this page, we have curated a collection of resources such as files, websites, videos, and more that can help you deepen your knowledge and understanding of the breed. Whether you're a first-time Beauceron owner or a seasoned pro, there's always something new to learn and discover.

Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or suggestions for future content. Happy learning!



American Beauceron Club

The American Beauceron Club is the AKC Parent Club for the Beauceron. Its purpose is to ensure the proper education of the public about the Beauceron, furthering the advancement and integrity of the breed, and to provide a forum for fellow enthusiasts to share their experiences, knowledge and love for their dogs.


Merle Book (Harlequin)

This book was written by Mary Langevin in conjunction to the years of data and research she has done into the genetics of merle. She has offered her book in PDF format which is available in English, Czech, Hungarian, French, Danish, German, Dutch and Italian. This is a crucial read for any beauceron breeder of harlequins or a fancier wanting more education.

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AHBA Trainers and Facility Directory

Listing of trainers or facilities here does not confer a recommendation by the AHBA. As with any product/service, ask around to see if trainer/facility is appropriate for your needs. Refer to our blog on starting herding with your beauceron for more on selecting an instructor if you need help!



The training information in their DVDs, streaming videos, and online courses has been developed by some of the best dog trainers in the world. The equipment they are selling has been designed by professional dog trainers who are out there training dogs every day. Whether you are competing in high level sport work, Police K9 training, or you simply want a well-mannered dog for your family, they can help provide the tools necessary to achieve your training goals.

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Working Beauceron Association


Working Beauceron Association

The Working Beauceron Association is an AWDF guest member club and a 501(c)3 non profit organization focused on the preservation and promotion of the exceptional working abilities of this breed. They host seminars, workshops, trials, and Journées throughout the US & Canada.


Club des Amis du Beauceron

The original Parent Club of the Beauceron in its origin country. This club was founded in 1922 and hosts a Nationale d'Elevage each year that attracts over 600 beaucerons in a magnificent display of temperament, morphology, herding ability, and a French Ring competition.

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Berger de Beauce Pedigree Database

This is the most current and up to date resource the breed has in America when it comes to pedigrees. This is a community powered resource that is cross referenced with official sources or documents.

Ear Posting Methods

Backer Rod with Solid Bridge

If ears are drooping and falling outwards, it's recommended to utilize this method.

Zip-Tie Method without Bridge

For ears that are tilting inwards or standing straight fairly well. Can help with tip curling too.


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