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Program Overview

Any good breeding program has a formula for success that they implement for their puppies during their raising process; we are no exception. Through the dedication of our breeding mentors decades of knowledge being passed down as well as countless hours of research, we have chosen to utilize multifaceted programs to ensure our Vaillant Feu puppies are receiving the best experience we can provide them prenatally, neonatally and beyond. All whelping mothers are fed a high quality diet with supplemental raw and the same is given to their offspring, in addition to having every litter whelped inside of our home with 24/7 monitoring and a veterinarian on stand-by.


What does that mean?

For those who are not familiar with programs such as Puppy Culture and Avidog, these are programs that have been developed by breeders for breeders with the help of trainers, specialists, veterinarians, etc. Years of research and breeding experience has brought our younger generation of breeders such as myself an amazing framework to set our puppies off into the world with a head start. While there is a lot that can be done from the selection of the female and prenatal care, a lot of the program mechanics come into play after birth. Starting from day one, we begin Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS) and Early Scent Introduction (ESI). It is shown in studies that puppies that are introduced to stimuli at an early age mature at faster rates, have a better reaction/recovery to stress, and perform better in certain problem solving scenarios than others who were not exposed to this.

As the puppies progress further in their motor skills and as the eyes & ears start to open, we begin to introduce new textures, sounds, toys, objects, and experiences every day. Individual bonding time with humans is consistent throughout this entire process too! Once the puppies are in this new fun stage and their mobile, fun problem solving games begin in earnest and introduction to taking food from a human's hand begins. We will introduce your puppy to rudimentary manners, brain games, crate training, and potty training. All puppies are socialized with strange humans of varying appearances, children, safe dogs, cats, and occasionally livestock. You will be able to receive weekly photo and video updates on the litter as well as be able to access our private whelping camera for a live feed when available.

Early Neurological Stimulation Timelapse


Individual Bonding

Spending time with a pile of puppies is always therapeutic and joyous but it is critical that these babies get their own time by themselves to learn to form bonds with human beings of all sorts. We handle our puppies daily from nose to tail, not only showing them love but getting them used to future grooming.


Problem Solving Skills & More

Exposing puppies to challenges at an early age in order for them to stimulate neuropathways to activate and allowing for them to work through small simple amounts of stress usually ensures that you end up with a puppy that can confidently trust it can handle anything the world brings it. 


Photos & Video Memories

Throughout the growing process, we are privileged to be able to offer our owners photos & videos from inside the whelping box through to the pattering of puppy feet on our floors as they grow! We know you will have many years of love ahead so why not have some of these sweet first times to look back on.

All puppies are sold on co-ownership if full registration until either altered or health tested to protect the best interests of the puppy unless otherwise agreed upon; females specifically for breeding are available on a case by case basis. A sample contract is available upon request but please keep in mind that each contract is customizable to the individual owner & puppy's situation. 

Pricing: $3,000 or $3,250 if cropped

Reservation Fee (Non-Refundable, applied toward total): $500
2nd Payment, due in Week Two of Puppy's Life: $500

Remaining Balance is due in the seventh week of life.

No puppies will be altered (cropped) without full payment.

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